After spending almost two decades in my winemaking home of Clare Valley, I finally took the plunge and established my own label. Miss Zilm Wines are my personal project and my focus lies on purity and place. I am committed to capturing the essence of Clare Valley and its sub-regions, crafting wines that are true to site and that celebrate the hard work of the growers I work with - most of whom are also great friends.

Small batch. Minimal intervention. Maximum flavour.

Enjoy chilled with good friends

Who is Miss Zilm? Who is Miss Zilm?

Who is Miss Zilm?

Clare Valley Community Clare Valley Community

Clare Valley Community

Purity & Place Purity & Place

Purity & Place


I've selected the best parcels of fruit from each vineyard, to showcase the regional and varietal flavours in their purest form.

Watervale Riesling Watervale Riesling

Watervale Riesling

Auburn Fiano Auburn Fiano

Auburn Fiano