Clare Valley

Relationships and Community

The really lovely thing about Clare is that it's actually a rural community; it truly is. And whilst it’s got tremendous wine and viticultural history, it's also very progressive and varieties really have evolved there. Certain varieties have found their home in Clare; they just work - Riesling, Shiraz, and then there's an ongoing evolution that continues with varieties such as Fiano, Pinot Gris and Malbec. To its credit, ultimately, I think that what Clare does, it does very well.

Relationships and community are incredibly important to me. From the time I spent living there, I knew that I had made some lifelong friendships. It was important to me that these friendships are intrinsically linked to Miss Zilm because it's where I was trained. It’s a region I know well and a region that I love. I will always be involved with Clare Valley and its wider community as it’s my winemaking home. I’m so thankful to have such a connection to the region and its people.

Connection is so incredibly important; it's something everyone understands. Wine is not just a drink. There's a whole, intricate story before it even gets to that point. And it starts with someone's decision to plant a particular variety somewhere, for their own reason. And I love that.

The process of bringing Miss Zilm to life has been quite an emotional one for me. I'm making some beautiful wines from incredible vineyards in a region that I love and that's a really big thing; not a lot of winemakers get this kind of opportunity, so I feel really, really privileged.