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Watervale Riesling

Rieslinghas had a home in Clare for a very long time. The variety really expresses where it comes from. This isn’t the case with all grapes, but it certainly applies to Riesling. Clare is a benchmark region for Riesling – you can pinpoint the sub-regionality in the wines, highlighting the importance of ‘place’. My years spent in the region have allowed me to immerse myself in its intricacies and really delve into the nuances of Clare Riesling. I love that I have been able to experience that – I mean, the tiny sub-region of Watervale is undoubtedly recognised for producing wines that are the pinnacle of their variety, which is incredible.

There is no doubt that Watervale is widely recognised as the home of Australian Riesling – and it’s certainly a drawcard to the region.

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Auburn Fiano

In my opinion, Fiano responds really well to winemaking influence which is why we see such varied and beautifully complex Fiano’s coming out of regions like McLaren Vale, and with great success. So, when a dear friend presented me with the opportunity to make a Fiano from Clare, I jumped at the opportunity. Situated at Auburn in the southern end of Clare, this site is truly special. It rests in a low-lying valley, surrounded by huge gum trees, which you would naturally assume would impart a eucalypt-like character on the fruit. I decided to treat it really delicately, just to see how the vineyard would express itself. And in actual fact, I ended up with a really lovely profile of orchard fruits, blossoms and pears. The wine just responded well to being very lightly handled with some time on lees, minimal acid additions and minimal sulphur regimes. It didn’t start out this way though - I only found that out late in the process. I de-juiced the wine and it looked great, so I decided to just keep an eye on it and see how it morphed. This was a new process for me, with a variety that is relatively new to the region and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

The Fiano just works here. There is a beautiful minerality that comes off this block, with a unique chalkiness and austerity which is very Clare Valley. The aim with Fiano was number one: let's see what the vineyard is capable of in a good year. Climatically, it wasn't a pressured year, so we could pick when we knew the fruit was ripe which is a great advantage. Then number two: let's just see what Clare Valley Fiano can do, to see whether it can become another one of those benchmark varieties. And to date, it’s performed incredibly well.

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